Using Free Landscape Designs to Create the Yard of Your Dreams

Free landscape designs are readily available in a number of home and gardening publications, and are a good way to find ideas for creating a beautiful yard. Some homeowners have a general idea of what they would like their outdoor living space to look like and they have already decided on the purpose it will serve, but for most, it is often difficult to create a landscape design that complements the beauty of their home.

free landscape designs

The most convenient way to find a variety of free landscape designs is to do a ‘custom search’ on this site using our search feature above or below any page on this site. These searches will return plenty of results for you to view along with new ideas and tips.

You can also view our page on landscape plans where you will find examples of several types of design plans. These free design plans are the best way to generate ideas for your own yard or use as an outline of your ideas for your landscape designer to expound upon.


Browsing a selection of landscape design plans can assist you, including:

• Selecting trees, shrubs, and flowers you would like in your landscaping

• Choosing a general layout for your yard

• Planning a functional garden that extends the living space of your home with practical features

•Balancing your yard’s beauty throughout the seasons with suggestions for annual and perennial blooms, as well as plants that are specific to each season

• Creating your own unique ideas for landscaping your yard

free landscape designs

While free landscape designs are quite useful, they can not compare to the services of a professional landscape design firm. Generic landscaping plans can not offer the personalization that a true landscape designer can bring to your garden.

Many individuals who desire a specific style to their outdoor space, especially those who must take special care in blending their garden design with the magnificence of their home, use free designs to gather ideas before consulting their landscape professional.


Should You Use a Landscape Design Service?

There are a number of reasons homeowners may decide to contact a design service rather than landscaping their own yard. Many people simply don’t have the time, or the expertise, to design and install their own outdoor area, but the primary reason professional design services are used by so many individuals is because these homeowners appreciate the added value, both monetary and aesthetic, to their property that professional landscaping brings.

free landscape designsA professional design service can offer complete customization of your outdoor area, combining your favorite elements from the free landscape designs you have browsed and elegantly fuse the grandeur of your home with the simplicity of the outdoors.

They can integrate specialized features, like irrigation systems, security devices, as well as unique lighting and sound, into your landscaping plan. Landscape designers can help select the best plants for your area and climate, as well as suggest trees and flowers that will flourish best in your yard. You can depend on a professional design service to help you plan an outdoor area that will magnify the beauty of your home, with the right accessories, materials, and plant life.

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