Landscape Design Using 2d Shapes Adds Real Dimension

landscape design in 2dLandscape design using 2d shapes is the most effective way to create close representations of site layouts and garden plans. Through the use of high quality 2d shapes, simple concepts and ideas are transformed into colorful, professional images with incredible lifelike details.

The best thing about using 2D shapes to create your landscape design is that it doesn’t take a professional graphic designer or a computer artist to produce colorful, realistic renderings. With so many plants, textures, and other architectural symbols available, it’s easy to turn ordinary drafts and sketches into spectacular displays and presentations.


How it Works

Just a little basic knowledge of a program like Photoshop is all you need to get started with 2D landscape design. Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp, and similar programs are compatible with most 2D shape collections. People, plants, trees and shrubs, vehicles, garden furniture, outdoor materials, swimming pools, and many other outdoor features can be found in most software bundles.


What is 2D?

landscape design in 2dSite plans, garden plots, elevation views, and design perspectives are all examples of 2d design renderings that are commonly used in landscaping and architecture.

Lines, shapes, colors, and textures come together to create a visual representation of ideas that will later become magnificent gardens and landscapes.

Rather than drawing these sketches by hand, most modern architects rely on computer aided design (CAD) tools.

2d CAD and 2d software allow landscape professionals to focus on essential design elements rather than hindering the creative process due to limited artistic ability. The use of 2d shapes makes it even easier to produce beautiful architectural renderings.


The Benefits of Landscape Design Using 2d Shapes

Whether you’re creating a simple draw up for a residential outdoor space or producing a detailed rendering for a commercial presentation, the addition of 2d shapes will breathe life into your designs. From the placement of trees and shrubs to the shape and size of patios and pools, you have the opportunity to experience your landscape design before installation.
landscape design using 2d shapes

Adjustments and alterations can be made quickly and easily, allowing you to explore various options before choosing the ideal layout. Landscape design using 2d shapes drastically reduces the time and effort required to produce plan illustrations without diminishing the quality and detail you expect to see in these renderings.

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