Using Realistic Landscape Design in 3d Rendering

Landscape design in 3d rendering is one of the very latest additions to merging the plentiful aspects of beautifying our outdoor living space along with the growing and exciting world of virtual design, catapulting landscaping straight into the twenty first century. As its name implies, 3d rendering offers a three dimensional look at an object or scene and gives one the ability to manipulate their 3d landscape designs to their liking.

landscape design in 3d rendering

With this particular approach to landscaping, you are able to tap into your imagination and use your own creativity to create the results you’ve only dreamed were possible.

3D landscape design and photo-montage rendering gives those interested in their landscaping plans and ideas a chance to take their visions a step further, offering an incredibly realistic view and comprehensive idea of what the final end results will be. Renderings can then be printed digitally, giving one an instant and accessible look at their plans at any time.

landscape design in 3d rendering

Landscape design in 3d rendering (still life) utilizes computerized rendering modules that can be viewed from many different angles and aspects, and also manipulated quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the computer’s mouse and keyboard.

In terms of architectural modules that are made manually, the time it would take to make changes to the design simply can’t be compared to making the exact same modifications virtually.

With this high tech approach, there’s no need for using a host of different materials that are needed with “real life” models and plans, such as paints, brushes, and the actual materials to build the models.

landscape design in 3d rendering

Color schemes, decorative accents, pools, fountains and water features, rock gardens, shrubs, bushes, plants, and flowers can all be added, or removed, instantly.

Change the type or color of stone or concrete used in walkways and patios and manipulate the plans and immerse yourself in the virtual images that give you the feeling as if you are actually there.

While 3d modeling may be more costly than traditional forms of landscaping design presentations, the increased interactivity and ability to create completely personalized results usually makes the added expense a non-issue.

It’s also definitely true that 3d animation and walk-throughs do require a great deal of technical know-how and expertise related to the often complicated, but intriguing industry of computer aided design. However, both the time saved and the end results will be well worth going the extra mile in order to visualize your landscaping plans as realistically as possible.

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