Setting Nighttime Moods with Landscape Design Plans for Lighting

Let landscape design plans for lighting create an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed both day and night. There are several reasons lighting plans are such a popular component of modern landscape designs. Besides adding functionality after dark, outdoor lighting also serves as a theft deterrent and can illuminate pathways to provide safety. The variety of lighting techniques used in today’s landscaping is also an appeal of outdoor lighting plans.

landscape design plans for lighting

Some common ways to use lighting to enhance your outdoor space include:

  • Highlight your favorite plants and garden features with accent lighting.
  • Enhance the look of plain hardscape walls by creating shadows and similar lighting effects with interesting plant life.
  • Enjoy evening entertaining with subtle lighting near the patio or outdoor kitchen area.
  • Path lighting can guide guests to the entrance of your home after dark.


Whatever purpose the lighting in your landscape design serves, a detailed lighting plan will illustrate the ideal positioning of the fixtures and will contain all the information needed to install an outdoor lighting design that makes the most of your property. Landscape design plans for lighting contain a wealth of information in a concise, easy to read layout that can be read by you or your landscape contractor for a trouble-free installation.


landscape design plans for lighting

The lighting plan is a secondary layer that illustrates the various locations for each lighting fixture as well as the best wiring layout in relation to your home and the other features within your landscape design. Below is a break down of the important components of a lighting design.

The types of lighting techniques used in your landscape are detailed in this plan, along with special instructions on installing the fixtures and hiding any external wiring. The type of voltage system used in your outdoor lighting will also be noted.  Low voltage systems or also known as 12 volt DC systems are preferred for most residential landscape designs.



Here are some lighting details taken from our landscape design example:


landscape design plans for lighting

Electrical and Lighting Notes

Positioning your outdoor lighting to serve your needs without interfering with neighboring properties is extremely important.

Notes regarding special equipment that may be needed, the right wiring gauge, and other essential instructions on the operation of your lighting design can ensure an effective and beautiful lighting plan.


landscape design plans for lighting

Lighting Legend

A simple legend is crucial to all well-planned landscape design plans for lighting. The lighting legend explains the symbols used within the plan, including details on the fixtures and bulbs used throughout the outdoor space.




Product Pictures and Illustrations

landscape design plans for lighting

Most lighting plans include images of the various lighting types used, as well as part numbers and any helpful illustrations for installing and positioning the fixture.

For example, the spot light fixture shown on the right is used for up-lighting along with various other lighting techniques. Below that is an underwater light fixture used for illuminating ponds, fountains and other water features.

landscape design plans for lightingOutdoor lighting can make your yard beautiful, functional, and safe. A variety of unique lighting techniques can create individual looks and moods throughout your yard. Properly detailed landscape design plans for lighting can make installation a lot easier for you or your lighting installer.

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