Landscape Design  Architecture For Resorts

Landscape design architecture for resorts is a unique art form that combines beautiful public spaces with the feeling of luxurious private escapes. Landscaping is a critical element of resort planning worldwide in country like China, Europe, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Australia.

landscape design architecture for resorts

Outdoor features like swimming pools and fountains, complement the elegance of the interior design, while inviting guests to explore the grounds and discover their ideal paradise.

The key to successful landscape design architecture for resorts is to cater to the specific desires of the establishment’s visitors, whether that is couples seeking a private oasis or business travelers in need of relaxing inspiration.

Each outdoor area is carefully planned to meet those needs while also enhancing the overall atmosphere of the resort.


An Invitation to Enjoyment

landscape design architecture for resorts

The front gardens, as well as the exterior facade, create a first impression for new resort visitors.

Landscaping and hardscaping in the front are the most important parts of a cohesive design.

This area typically reflects the architectural style of the resort and sets the mood for what guests should expect during their stay, inviting them to explore more of what the hotel has to offer.

Plants and trees, fountains, ornamental decor, and drive corridors generally adorn this portion of the outdoor space.




A Sensual Experience

landscape design architecture for resorts

With landscape design architecture for resorts, it is not uncommon for the total outdoor space to be made up of several different elements, from spas to gardens to outdoor dining, each designed to offer a unique experience to the guests. Common features include:

•Pools and spas: Whether the theme is relaxation and tranquility or adventure and fun, pools and spas are an integral part of most landscape design architecture for resorts. Multiple swimming areas are quite popular, boasting water parks and slides for family fun as well as secluded, exotic lagoons for adult enjoyment.

landscape design architecture for resorts

• Escapes with a view: Enchanting outdoor areas are created to offer guests a place to unwind and enjoy their natural surroundings. Typically reflecting the overall style of the resort, these areas include fragrant stroll gardens, inspiring meditation gardens, and simple sitting areas for working or relaxing. Mountainous panoramas, tropical seascapes, and stunning scenery are usually the core of these features.


• Outdoor dining and entertainment: Another way to allow hotel guests to take advantage of their location is to integrate food, drinks, and entertainment into the landscape design. Luxurious bars, dining facilities, and even dance floors are often found outdoors, usually surrounded by the best views the area has to offer.


A Focus on Location

Along the way, landscape architects learn how to juggle the aesthetic value of design, history, ecology, and even politics to achieve plans that bring flowers, grass, rocks, trees, shrubs, benches, fountains, reflecting pools, and outdoor artwork to life.


From residential homes to large scale resort projects around the globe, you can find professional landscape architecture teams who can assist you in the design and construction of master planned communities, urban centers, commercial properties, resorts and estate properties. Making the most of the destination is critical to successful landscape design architecture for resorts.

Every aspect of the outdoor space is created to bring the ultimate luxury experience to guests while allowing complete enjoyment of all that the location has to offer as reflected in this picture below taken in Dubai.

Cohesive and luxurious resort planning is an art form that requires the attention of an expert design team who have years of experience in commercial and resort projects.

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