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The free online landscape design samples below are actual master plans created by professional landscape architects and virtual designers. You will find examples of planting layouts, sketches, perspectives, elevation views, 3D visualization, lighting plans and much more.

Master Plan

free online landscape design

A full scaled master plan includes labeling of hardscape features like grill islands, overhead structures, statuary, paving areas etc. It also includes a planting layout that list names, quantities and sizes of all plant material. Also indicated are the types of paving material used including the amount of square footage making it much easier when it comes time for bidding out your project. You can also opt to have your design done in two phases to fit in with your overall budget plan.


Backyard Design

The backyard design plans offered by both virtual designers and local landscape architects are ideal for most modern homes. The full-scale rendering is ready for installation and is a heartwarming gift idea for the new home owners.

The free online landscape design sample pictured above shows how existing features, structures, and vegetation are noted within the plan, as well as new hardscape elements such as backyard spas, outdoor kitchens, walkways, or retaining walls.

free online landscape design

A detailed planting plan displays everything you or your contractor need to ensure a colorful, vibrant outdoor area along with notes to outline necessary materials for terraces or paths.

Make the most of your backyard design plan by requesting a lighting plan or integrating functional irrigation systems into the design. Most virtual landscape designers can offer these services as well.


Courtyard Design

free online landscape design

Similar to the backyard designs, a courtyard plan contains all of the details for a magnificent residential courtyard and can be integrated into master plans for small, large, and estate-sized lots.

The free online landscape design sample pictured above is an interior courtyard created to compliment a home with year-round outdoor beauty.

Each courtyard design is planned specifically for you and your home with vegetation, statuaries, and water features that suit the overall landscaping style.


Front Yard Design

free online landscape design

A professionally landscaped front yard is the best way to boost the curb appeal of your property.

The free online landscape design sample pictured above is a front yard landscape design which is artistically detailed with driveways, walks, and retaining walls shown within the plan. Planting details are also included in a full-scale rendering with quantities, colors, and names, as well as precise measurements for flower beds and walkway borders.

From the front yard to the back, the design services offered by virtual landscape architects, like those found on our online design page are a very convenient, affordable and offer a complete solution to your landscaping needs.

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