Creating Your Concept Plan With Online Landscape Design Sketches

Did you know that every great idea starts with a concept? Online landscape design sketches are the perfect way to capture that idea and turn it into reality. Sketches come in variety of styles and techniques as illustrated below. There are hand sketches, color renderings, elevation sections, perspectives and more. A virtual design firm is an excellent option for both residential and commercial designs.

online landscape design sketches

Master plans, planting plans, and specialty renderings are all necessities for any landscape design project – but these online landscape design sketches are generally used by your landscaping contractors for installation and are not the best way to illustrate the true look of your finished design.



online landscape design sketches

The Benefits of Design Sketches

Full-color hand sketches, detailed perspectives, and high-quality 3D visualizations provide you with real imagery of your finished design before construction even begins. Both land based and virtual designers create these lifelike drawings.

Besides turning your ideas into a tangible reality, there are many ways to use professionally rendered design sketches. These drawings are often presented to banks during the finance process to secure funding and are an integral part of planning, especially for large projects and commercial landscaping. Many people frame the sketches once the project is complete, creating a unique display to commemorate the original look of their property.


online landscape design sketches

Types of Virtual Design Sketches

Design plans are the foundation to your landscape project. Every project begins with a master site plan and will also include planting plots, hardscape illustrations, and possibly other types of planning graphs. We hope some of these online landscape design sketches have helped you, you’ll find more free online landscape design sample ideas here.

Here’s the most common types of online landscape design sketches:

  • Hand sketches: This type of drawing is quite artistic and is typically created in full-color. A hand sketch, as the name indicates, is a hand-rendered interpretation of your finished landscape design plan.
  • Design perspective: A perspective illustration, as seen in the picture above, is similar to a hand sketch but this type of sketch integrates depth into the image, allowing the artist to create a scaled rendering from the observer’s true perspective.
  • Elevation views: A landscape elevation rendering generally illustrates vertical hardscape features like walls, fencing, water features, and pools from a 2-dimensional view.
  • 3D Visualizations: These 3D sketches are one of the best way to turn your ideas into reality. These full-color visualizations bring your design plans to life. allowing you to see every detail of your landscape project in a lifelike rendering.

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