Plant a Garden In Half the Time

by Allen Quay

in Tips & Tricks

Dream of a garden, but can’t find the time to tend to it? You are not alone. Many do not have the hours to plant and maintain a garden. Never fear, dreams of a brightly filled landscape with different textures, shades of greenery and bursts of colors complimented by natural lighting can become a reality. With some pre-planning, you don’t have to commit too much time.

Work With the Lay of the Land

The layout of one’s yard is very important. There are plants that can grow on rocky hillsides or in dry sunny locations; one such plant being Autumn Joy Sedum which has red, yellow or pink blooms. Wandering Jew is another plant which has gorgeous deep purple foliage that will capture anyone’s eye. Other plants such as Hosta, Bleeding Heart and Spirea need shade or only partial sun and add a lot of texture and color to any landscape. Researching what types of flowers and plants that will thrive in your climate is a must for any garden to be a success.

Buy Low Maintenance Plants

Plants such as Bee Balm and Yarrow spread quickly. Compact flowers like Asters, Big Blue Lilies, Marigolds and Shasta Daisies are beautiful with all of their vibrant colors. They take minimum pruning and fertilizing. These gorgeous flowers will adorn the landscape with very little effort. Birds, bees and butterflies will enjoy their new found colorful home. Even the humming birds will be all a-buzz.

Avoid delicate plants that need the extra care

Hollyhock and phlox are examples of plants that tend to be delicate and need extra maintenance. They should have moist soil that is very rich. Extra fertilizing and watering might be necessary. These plants also have to have constant care to yield them against diseases and pests.

Colorful flowers planted around stone bird bath in backyardChoose small plants that do not grow very fast

There are some excellent types of flowers that are dwarf in size and grow very slow such as dwarf snapdragons and conifers. They are virtually pest free and give out beautiful colors, especially the dwarf conifers when everything else has passed their blossoming peak.

Plant a meadow of flowers

Bring beautiful color to a larger area that looks drab and unsightly. Plant a meadow of wildflowers and watch it blossom. Virtually maintenance free, Poppies, Cosmos, Black Eyed Susan and Bluebonnets can transform a landscape into a place where tranquility and peacefulness can be seen and enjoyed.

Container gardening

Instead of digging up the ground around the porch, deck or patio, try container gardening. Plain, unique and extravagant containers can be bought that will fit anyone’s own lifestyle. Perennials and annuals can be planted brightening up any outside area that needs a creative touch of color and gleam.

Annuals such as petunias, marigolds and morning glory vines will fill the container up with oranges, reds, yellows and blues quickly, springing out and gracefully edging onto the sides of the pots. Perennials such as Irises or Lamb’s Ear can burst from the center offering a little more texture and height. Usually, these plants need a touch of fertilizer during the summer months with some watering. There is very little maintenance required.

With these tips, a low maintenance garden is easy to implement. Watching it grow and develop into beautiful flowers throughout the growing season will make any gardener proud, low maintenance or not.


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