Prep Your Spring Garden With These Helpful Tips

by Allison Dresser

in Gardening

Alfresco setting in a spring garden with yellow table cloth and cut flower

During the wintry weather it may seem like the warm temperatures will never arrive, but it seems as though it always sneaks up. I guess they don’t call is spring for nothing! Make sure you’re not taken by surprise and prepare your spring garden for the upcoming season.

[pullquote]Before you start any other preparations be sure you have a good idea of what you want to plant this season.[/pullquote]Before you start any other preparations be sure you have a good idea of what you want to plant this season. Certain plants require a different amount of space and watering for optimal growth so be sure to do your research to guarantee you can properly provide for your garden, making it as beautiful as possible. You may feel like this is an unnecessary step, but if you unsuitably plant your garden it will be a long road to recover it.

After you know what you’re going to plant it’s time to check if you have all of the proper tools and resources for a perfect spring garden. Organization will be key once it’s time to start planting. If your greenhouse or shed is in order you will save time when you want to start tending to your garden. Also be sure to clean out flowerbeds and tools to once again make sure your planting process go as smooth as possible.

Another good tip to prepare your garden for spring is to take preventative measures against animals and other harmful habitants of your garden. If you take precautionary measures against these creatures while they’re still in hibernation your garden will be safely protected by the time they awake.

To make your garden effortlessly beautiful take these preventative measures before spring arrives. Starting your spring garden will be much easier if you prepare early and like most things it’s much harder to undo the damage once it’s been done so it’s best to nip it in the bud.

This article was written by Allison Dresser. Allison works with Lake Elmo custom home building contractors Norton Homes.

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