Reasons for Creating a Garden | Part 2: Finding a Deeper Appreciation

by Allen Quay

in Landscape Design

When creating a garden for clients, I see so many cases where the existing garden has lost its magic, where there’s a lack of sanctuary in their outdoor space. Sometimes it’s to the point where people really don’t like their gardens. The garden gets on top of them, it becomes a battle and they are almost afraid to go outside. Hopefully after their garden is properly designed they will think differently.

[pullquote]I see so many cases where the existing garden has lost its magic, where there’s a lack of sanctuary in their outdoor space.[/pullquote]It’s a wonderful job being a garden designer.  I can change people’s gardens in ways that can make them happier. By changing their garden I can change the way they live at home.  It can open up more space by creating useful areas to sit and enjoy the garden and this is something that can make you happy and this is something that is the most amazing thing about gardens…  they can make you happy!

As I mentioned in Part 1 of my article, I don’t think I can say that about a kitchen or bedroom.  But change the garden and you have real lasting rewards.  So throw off the traditional idea of gardening and think about what will make you happy in your outdoor space. Designing your garden is about taking control of your space, organizing it and getting it to work for you.

Illustration of a high society garden party with wealthy people wearing period clothingFor thousands of years the rich upper class people knew how important and what a wonderful experience this is.  They’re not bogged down by how to prune roses or what type of potato to grow.

They realized and as many more people are beginning to realize today that gardens are not about these ordinary things, they’re about expressing yourself.

Showing off yes, but also creating a world to enjoy full of surprises and foolishness, art and architecture, and now for the first time in history ordinary people can share in that wonderment, they can share in the idea of creating their own space.

Design by its nature is a space changer.  When creating a garden, it’s not about putting a plant there or taking down a fence here, it’s about changing the whole space to fit with your needs and wants and this is what this article is about.

You may not have the same scale in space as an English country manor but you can have the same approach.  If you can take away one thing from reading my 2 part article, it would be to keep an eye on the thought that the garden can be so much more than a space to just do gardening.

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