Rock Waterfalls Are Mother Nature’s True Masterpieces

by Eric Blum

in Water Features

woman meditating near stone waterfall and lush tropical plants

In the event that you might be contemplating, or craving, a re-creation on your property of one of Mother Nature’s true masterpieces…that being a unique, eye-popping, stunning natural rock waterfall to complement and embellish your new, or existing home…but you’re not sure how to go about it, then please give me the opportunity to help you in your quest to attain that dream.

People the world over are drawn to the mesmerizing grandeur, beauty and power of rock waterfalls. The commanding presence of a waterfall is a compelling attraction for family, friends or visitors as well as for property owners who might simply delight in personally experiencing the soothing and relaxing ambiance of silvery water cascading down the face of graceful rock formations. Waterfalls are often preferred over a garden fountain or other water features.

Before you continue reading, take a moment to relax with the sights and sounds of our beautiful waterfall in the video below…

Rock waterfalls can include a number of advanced features, such as dynamic computer programmed LED lighting and water-flow volume controls that can be adjusted via smartphone. This makes a custom water feature an ideal option for any lifestyle, whether you’re practicing meditative yoga or entertaining family and friends at a nearby conversation patio set. A number of other possibilities also exist, which is why so many people choose to have a waterfall added to their outdoor space. This sort of construction is definitely NOT a “do it yourself” project.

bare looking faux waterfall

This brings up an interesting, somewhat controversial point. Should you go “all natural” in the design and construction of such a magnificent venture, or should you opt out for the more familiar, cheaper artificial “faux rock” imitation copies that are so prevalent in today’s world of economically dictated restraint? As the accompanying photos graphically reveal, the stark visual differences between a genuine, natural rock creation and one pre-fabricated out of imitation fiberglass or concrete, are not surprising.


If it’s affordable, who would not prefer to have the magical, captivating allure of naturally colored and textured rock-face material as opposed to bland, mold and mildew prone imitation components that are incapable of ever attracting and cultivating naturally blended flora, such as ferns and exotic mosses? The only way to achieve this phenomenon is to employ the use of natural, “breathable” surface porous, textured elements. There can be no better way to ensure a buyer’s best possible lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment than the utilization of millions of years old, specially selected and excavated NATURAL boulders to serve as the core material.

massive custom rock waterfall with lush green tropical plants Natural beauty of a custom waterfall using real boulders


Give the above some serious thought if you or a friend are contemplating the addition of such a water feature embellishment to enrich and enhance your general quality of life. The purpose of this article is to “set the table”, so to speak, in an attempt to implant a general idea as to how best to pursue the most satisfying, results for such a challenging endeavor.

This is the first in a series of articles by me that are intended to most fully describe and illustrate elements that might best express the pursuit of your dream of realizing totally unique, incomparable and awesome natural rock waterfalls to complement your outdoor decor.


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