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San Diego landscape design ideas range from sophisticated outdoor spaces with Asian flair to relaxed gardens inspired by Old World Tuscany. Water features, elegant pools, outdoor spas, and luxurious outdoor rooms often accompany secluded meditation gardens, vibrant displays of flowers, and magnificent views of Southern California’s beauty.


From the beautiful homes in Solana Beach and Carmel Valley to the magnificent estates of Del Mar and La Jolla, the San Diego landscape design ideas below are some of the most popular trends in Southern California outdoor living.




Below are some popular ideas that can be incorporated into your landscape design…

Amazing Outdoor Structures

One of the best ways to create a unified look between a home and its landscape design is by incorporating structures that seamlessly blend the inside with the out.

San Diego landscape design ideas

An airy loggia provides a natural extension of the home’s indoor living area.

Pergolas can complement any architectural style and are the perfect way to shade casual seating areas or outdoor dining rooms.

Gazebos and pool houses can also enhance the beauty and functionality of your property.




Vegetable and Herb Gardens

San Diego landscape design ideas are at the forefront of the nation’s latest gardening trends. The increasing popularity of urban farming is a terrific example.

San Diego landscape design ideas

Vegetable gardens not only provide fresh, healthy food for the kitchen, they also add unique textures and variety to your planting beds. Whereas herb gardens require less space and can be quite aromatic.

From patio container gardens to intriguing raised planting beds made from reclaimed metal, vegetable and herb gardens work well in both large and small outdoor spaces.

No matter how much room is available in your San Diego garden, you can create a wonderful organic vegetable garden that delivers fresh and healthful vegetables like bell peppers, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, squash, and many more!

The greatest thing about growing your own organic vegetables is choosing fresh and flavorful vegetables are free from pesticides and growth stimulants.


Luxurious Pools and Outdoor Spas

San Diego landscape design ideas can include a custom refreshing swimming pool or a creative outdoor spa, functional areas for recreation, play spaces for pets and children or a winding stone walkway shaded by the lush leaves of exotic palms.

Whether it’s the sound of a water feature, the smell of blooming jasmine or the feel of cobble stones under foot, San Diego landscape designs are a unique oasis, created specifically for the client and the site.

San Diego landscape design ideas

From custom outdoor lighting designs that showcase the magnificent beauty of a La Jolla home to an enchanting outdoor fireplace with sunset lake views in Fairbanks Ranch, you can create the perfect California garden.




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1 WilliamAyden August 3, 2012 at 9:47 pm

You helped me put a missing piece of the puzzle into place. THANK YOU!


2 Allen Quay August 16, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Thank you for the comment William. You summed it up perfectly with your analogy. Landscape design IS very much like a puzzle where each piece has to fit perfectly and like a puzzle it can be challenging but can be a lot of fun too. 🙂


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