Texas Native Plants

by Allen Quay

in Sustainable

Texas landscape design is diverse and unique – much different from what you’ll find across the rest of the United States.

However, just taking a look at the natural land around you can help you come up with ideas for your landscape design in Texas.

Once you’ve purchased the home of your dreams in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or beyond, beautiful landscaping is the next step in creating your ideal outdoor space.


Serenity in the Wilderness

As you take a look around at the lands of Texas, in many areas you’ll find that it looks much like the desert, with few plants in sight. However, there is serenity in this wilderness that you can have transferred into your landscape design.

Your landscaping should be simple and serene, to go along with the rest of the natural landscape that you’ll find throughout the state. So, while the landscaping should look a bit on the wild side, remember, there should be quiet serenity as well.


Bursts of Color

Take a look at Texas vistas and you’ll also notice plants that add brilliant bursts of color throughout the state as well.

Texas landscape design

These lovely and vibrant bursts of color can be added to your Texas landscape design to add periods of color in the middle of the rest of the landscape. So, to go along with the natural landscape that you find in Texas, a few bursts of color with the right plants will definitely add beauty and character to your landscaping.


Simple Green Expanses

If you’ve driven across Texas, you’ve probably noticed that from time to time, you encounter beautiful green expanses that are lush and beautiful.

Adding some green to your landscaping is another way to mimic the natural landscaping throughout the state. Consider adding beautiful ground covers in some areas or having lovely green plants scattered throughout the property that will catch the eye.


Spartan, Yet Elegant, With Rocks

One might describe the landscape of Texas as somewhat Spartan, but in an elegant manner. You can achieve this natural look by adding a few rocks to your landscape design.

Texas landscape design

However, too many rocks may give you the undesired Japanese effect, so use rocks as accents and to complement the rest of the landscaping, instead of as the focal points.

No doubt elegant and simple Texas landscape design is what you are looking for, and you can find your inspiration from the land around you in Texas. With wild serenity, bursts of color, green expanses, and Spartan, elegant rocks, the combination is sure to be a winner.

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