Using Moodboards to Design Your Indoor & Outdoor Space

by Allen Quay

in Design Ideas

Moodboards also called design boards or inspirational boards have been used by interior designers and architects for decades to create the look and feel before the preliminary design process.

But don’t think for a moment that they apply only to interiors. Landscape and garden designers have been using them too in an age where interior design has been turned inside/out.

In the past these boards were put together with pins and glue but now it’s going digital. One of the leaders in this field is Oliobroad and they are quickly gaining momentum. Why wouldn’t they? With the ability to design free moodboards that are as much fun to create as they are to own, it only makes sense. Olioboard is easy to use and even has a patio section so you can create a mood board for your patio, pool area, cabana, courtyard, porch or other outdoor space.

I came across this entertaining video that I would like to share with you. It was taken from the Nate Berkus Show and features the Olioboard’s co-creator and CEO Sheilah MacSporran who explains what Olioboards are all about. There is also a contest between 3 women on the show competing to win a dream room giveaway!

This you don’t want to miss…


Remember what I said about the contest and the dream room giveaway? If you watched the above video I can almost guarantee that you’ll be wanting to see the next video below to find out who won…



I tried my hand at creating a modern patio area and had so much fun selecting and placing outdoor furniture, a freestanding grill and other outdoor decor. There is so many design possibilities at you finger tips that make this tool so much fun to use.

If your looking for design board examples their website is full of them. I think they said there was over 40,000 boards created so far. What about you? Have you given it a try? If you have, we’d love to hear what you have to say about your experience with Olioboard. If you created an indoor or outdoor moodboard that you are particularly proud of showing, please be sure to upload it to the comments below.

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