Virtual Landscape Makeover on a Classic Southern Plantation Estate

by Allen Quay

in Design Ideas

This landscape makeover video of a formal southern plantation home in Southern Arkansas has Allen explaining the importance of symmetrical design. By making a few adjustments to the landscape he incorporates a requested circular drive and frames the house with plant material. The result is a symmetrical design that dramatically improves your front yard landscaping.

Watch the video now:



Here’s a summery of recommend steps:

  1. Removing the two Bradford Pear trees (one was damaged from storm) on either side of the house.
  2. Cut down or remove the overgrown azaleas on either side of the entry leaving a group of taller azaleas on the sides towards the back.
  3. Reduce the size of the topiary garden planter on either side of the front door.
  4. Add two large conical shaped evergreen holly shrubs on each corner of the house.
  5. Expand the entry apron to make the front approach less crowded.
  6. Add a circular driveway and connect it to the front of the expanded entry apron.
  7. If the azaleas were removed in step 2, then plant new ones of a soft pink flowering variety.
  8. Leave the low boxwood hedge in place that runs in front of the pink azaleas.
  9. Add a Sugar Maple or Red Maple on either side of the circular drive closer to the street to help frame the house and anchor the new drive.
  10. Optionally, add either a low boxwood hedge around the inner circle of the drive or 4-6 big gumdrop shaped boxwood shrubs within the circle to define the driveway.
  11. If a walkway is needed, add it in front of the foundation planting on both sides to keep the design symmetrical.

One of the main points Allen emphasizes is to keep it simple by not over doing things. By adding just a few good front yard landscape ideas you can make a BIG difference to your home’s appearance.

I hope you liked this landscape makeover using symmetrical design methods to improve the curb appeal of this beautiful southern plantation classic. Click here to see more of these virtual renovations.

If you have any experience landscaping a symmetrical shaped home or are an owner of this type of property, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a comment below!

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