Soil Blast and Myco Blast Review

Soil Blast and Myco Blast

If you’ve been gardening for more than a few years, you have probably tried almost every fertilizer and plant growth system available in search of a product that brings the results you want.

About 10 years ago, we gave up our chemical laden fertilizers for more natural methods, but it took a lot of experimenting to find a good system. We finally found Soil Blast and Myco Blast from Supreme Growers.


How Soil Affects Plant Growth

We have had the privilege of spending time in many different areas of the world and have faced assorted gardening challenges in each location.

The thing that has been most difficult is adapting our planting methods to accommodate the various soil types found in each place. In time, we could usually develop a good composting technique that would help our plants grow.

Soil Blast and Myco Blast

But it always took some work – and every time we relocated, the development process would start over.

After spending 2 seasons struggling to grow a decent lawn and garden in the typical red clay of the southeast US, we began looking into soil amendments beyond basic composting. We started our quest with some deeper research into the biological process of soil and plant growth.


Why Soil Microbes Are a Must

Rather than boring you with the technical details, let me get straight to our findings – the typical soil, as it exists in most locations, lacks some of the most important types of the good bacteria and fungi it needs to make nutrients. Even in our composting, we were adding plenty of organic matter and the worms were turning it into a thick, dark soil, but it wasn’t as rich in nutrients as it could have been.
Soil Blast and Myco Blast
The first treatment was an application of mycorrhizae – a beneficial root fungi that improves the overall health of any plant, reducing the need for water and shielding off most common plant diseases. We saw big improvements – at least we were finally growing grass in our front yard – but there was still something missing.

We threw away several hundred dollars searching for the right combination of mycorrhizae and microbe products. Many of them gave us the results we were looking for, but the amount we were spending was ridiculous.


Soil Blast and Myco Blast

When we came across Soil Blast and Myco Blast, we didn’t expect it to compare to the more expensive products we had tried – it was just a fraction of the cost. To our surprise, this combination gave us the best results we had seen. The difference was a very simple step we had overlooked time and time again – we simply weren’t adding enough organic matter to the soil.

Soil Blast and Myco Blast

The beneficial blend in Soil Blast was exactly what we needed. The lawn was thick and green, our flower gardens flourished – we even cultivated a banana tree in that clay with the help of Soil Blast and Myco Blast! What we like most about this powerful duo is the fact that it delivers the same excellent results whether we’re planting in Georgia or growing a garden near the coast of Sydney.

We no longer have to experiment to get the right technique – we just apply Soil Blast and Myco Blast to everything and watch the results! It’s excellent for grass, flowers, shrubs, bamboo…anything that grows, and it’s ideal for your organic veggie garden.


Watch the video below to find out how it works:


Another reason we like this combination is because it is not only affordable, there are several different sizes available – including convenient single-use sticks that are pre-measured for super easy application. At just $2.95 per stick and free shipping, we found this an excellent opportunity to give Soil Blast and Myco Blast a try in our own outdoor space.


Here’s is a quick rundown of our review:

Company Supreme Growers
Category Soil Amendments
Product Name Soil Blast / Myco Blast
Shipping Worldwide
Discounts Up to 50%
Return Policy Full Refund on Unopened Packages (excludes bamboo)
Product Features EDTA Free
100% Organic
Dozens of Uses
Easy to Apply
Single Applications Available
Super for Lawns
Safe for Pets and Children
Great for Indoor Gardening
Excellent Customer Support
Testimonials Yes, stick packs are really cool! I use this on everything I grow. I’m glad to be able to buy it in bulk at a big discount. This saves me a lot of money. Myco Blast is the best Mycorrhizae product as I have compared the labels on them all. Posted by Dude GrowsI just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the help getting my lawn back in shape. The Myco Blast treatment in spring followed by the Soil Blast treatments monthly have made all the difference in the world. I will send pics. You have made a customer out of me! Posted by Unknown
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